Binary (Search) Tree Visualization Using JavaScript (In Progress)

What is a Binary (Search) Tree.

In computing, Binary (Search) Tree is a tree with special features where each node value is greater than or equal to the value stored on its left sub child and lesser than the value stored in right sub child. The basic idea behind this data structure to provide an efficient way of insertion, deletion, searching and retriving.

Binary Tree Is Made of nodes where each node has a “Left” reference and a “right” reference and a data element.

Binary (Search) Tree is an extremely important data-structure. In this example, I have tried to simplified the visualization of how actually it may work.

Binary Search Tree

Case Find / Insert / Delete Space
Worst Θ(n) Θ(n)
Average Θ(log n) Θ(n)

Binary Tree
To render this tree please use the latest browser which supports HTML5.